Army Body Fat Calculator: Discover Your Body Fat Percentage

Optimize your fitness journey with our U.S. Army Body Fat Calculator. Tailored for precision, this calculator employs the official Army body fat formula for both men and women, helping you determine if you meet military standards.

Body Fat Percentage: %

Embarking on a journey with the U.S. Army or just curious about your fitness level? Our U.S. Army Body Fat Calculator is here to guide you. Designed with precision, it mirrors the official guidelines, ensuring you get results you can trust.

How To Use Army Body Fat Calculator

At its core, the calculator employs specific mathematical formulas derived from the Army’s standards, differing for men and women. These formulas factor in measurements like waist, neck, and hip (for women) circumference, along with height, to calculate your body fat percentage.

  1. Choose Your Gender: Start by selecting either ‘male’ or ‘female’. This helps the calculator know which formula to use. For women, an additional input for hip measurement will appear.
  2. Enter Your Age: Your age will help in determining the Army’s body fat allowance for your specific age group.
  3. Input Height in Feet and Inches: Using two separate boxes, provide your height. For instance, for someone who’s 5 feet 9 inches tall, you’d enter ‘5’ in the first box and ‘9’ in the second.
  4. Measure and Input Circumferences: Use a measuring tape to get the circumferences of your neck and waist. For women, measure the hip circumference as well.
  5. Hit Calculate!: Once all fields are filled, click the calculate button. Your body fat percentage will appear, along with a note indicating whether you meet the U.S. Army standards.

U.S. Army Calculated Percent (%) Body Fat – Male

Age GroupMaximum Allowable Body Fat Percentage to JoinMaximum Body Fat Percentage Standard after Entry
40 and over30%26%

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U.S. Army Calculated Percent (%) Body Fat – Female

Age GroupMaximum Allowable Body Fat Percentage to JoinMaximum Body Fat Percentage Standard after Entry
40 and over36%36%

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