About Us


About Us

Welcome to Army CFT, your ultimate destination for all things army and military. Born from a passion for serving the military community, our platform offers a blend of in-depth content and state-of-the-art calculators tailored to the unique needs of our men and women in uniform. Our expertise stems from a combination of military veterans, defense enthusiasts, and dedicated researchers, ensuring that our content is both authoritative and relevant.

Every tool, from our ACFT Calculator to the Army Body Fat Calculator, is meticulously designed with precision and user-friendliness in mind, enabling service members to stay ahead in their fitness goals and career advancements. Beyond calculators, our articles provide valuable insights into various facets of military life, operations, and logistics. By melding first-hand experiences with rigorous research, we aim to be the bridge between complex military protocols and the brave souls dedicated to upholding them. Your trust is paramount to us. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and relevance, continually refining our platform to better serve our ever-evolving military community. Whether you’re a seasoned officer, a new recruit, or a military enthusiast, Army CFT stands beside you, providing the resources you need to excel.

Our Team

Derek Hamilton

Chief Content Strategist

Charlie Mitchell

Senior Technical Developer

Maya Rodriguez

Research and Outreach Lead