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Maximize your Army Combat Fitness Test performance with our New ACFT Calculator, aligned with April 2022 standards. Effortlessly calculate scores, and master fitness techniques for success.

MDL (lbs): 60 lbs Score: 0
SPT (meters): 2.3 m Score: 0
0 reps Score: 0
1:29 Score: 0
0:40 Score: 0
25:20 Score: 0
Total Score: 0

The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) stands as a benchmark for soldier readiness, fitness, and combat capability. To stay at the top of their game, soldiers must not only understand but also optimize their ACFT scores. Our user-friendly ACFT calculator, present on this page, is designed to do just that.

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What is the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)?

The ACFT is an expansive fitness assessment custom-tailored for the U.S. Army. It isn’t merely about ticking boxes; it’s about assuring the safety, efficiency, and combat readiness of every soldier in the field. To understand how the ACFT fits into a broader framework of soldier wellness, you can learn more about H2F Army.

Key ACFT Events and Their Importance

The ACFT is segmented into multiple events, each reflecting a different dimension of physical fitness:

  • MDL (Maximum Deadlift): Gauging strength of the lower body.
  • SPT (Standing Power Throw): Evaluating upper body explosive power.
  • HRP (Hand Release Push-Up): Testing upper body endurance.
  • SDC (Sprint-Drag-Carry): Assessing agility, speed, and anaerobic power.
  • PLK (Plank): Evaluating core strength and stamina.
  • 2MR (2-Mile Run): Testing cardiovascular endurance.

Understanding the ACFT Scoring System

The ACFT employs a unique scoring system. Based on their performance in each event, soldiers can attain a score that provides insight into their overall fitness levels. Here’s a brief insight:

Score Chart

MDL (lbs)Female100210230230230210210190190170170
SPT (meters)Female1008.
HRP (reps)Female10053504847413635302424
SDC (m:ss)Female1001:551:551:551:592:022:092:112:182:262:26
PLK (m:ss)Female1003:403:353:303:253:203:203:203:203:203:20
2MR (mm:ss)Female10015:2915:0015:0015:1815:3015:4915:5816:2917:1817:18

For instance, the MDL event has varying scores for different age brackets and genders

This framework translates your individual event performance into scores, culminating in an aggregate ACFT score.

For a detailed breakdown based on age, gender, and event, use our on-page ACFT calculator.

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Setting the Bar: ACFT Scoring Standards

Meeting the minimum ACFT standards is critical, but aiming to exceed can distinguish a soldier and demonstrate a commitment to fitness and readiness.

  • Minimum Passing Standard: A baseline score required for qualification.
  • Normed Scoring Standards: Created from extensive data to ensure fairness across all participants.
  • Exceeding Standards: Beyond meeting the minimum, aiming higher can lead to personal growth and enhanced combat efficiency.

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What is the ACFT calculator?

The ACFT calculator is a specialized tool designed to compute scores for the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). By inputting individual performance metrics across various events, this calculator provides soldiers with an accurate representation of their overall ACFT score. If you’re looking to understand your performance and see how you measure against the Army’s fitness standards, the ACFT calculator on this page can be your valuable companion.

How hard is it to get a 600 on the ACFT?

Achieving a score of 600 on the ACFT means you’ve attained the maximum possible score, which requires top-tier performance in all test events. Given the rigorous standards set by the Army, obtaining a 600 is a significant challenge and speaks to one’s exceptional fitness level and preparation. However, with consistent training, dedication, and focus on all aspects of physical fitness, it is achievable for those who set it as their goal.

What is a 540 on the ACFT?

A score of 540 on the ACFT indicates a high level of physical fitness and proficiency in the test events. The U.S. Army recognizes the significance of achieving this score. In light of this, they’ve released a directive that grants an exemption from the body fat assessment to all Soldiers scoring 540 points or more on the Army Combat Fitness Test, regardless of their height and weight. However, it’s important to note that to qualify for this exemption, Soldiers must score 80 points or more in each event. Achieving a score of 540, while also meeting the individual event criteria, showcases a soldier’s commitment to maintaining a robust physical condition and underlines the holistic nature of the ACFT in assessing overall fitness.


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